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We deal in both domestic admissions and foreign admissions for Pakistani students

AYLOTI can provide you with the best advice regarding your educational future. We mediate the entire college application and university application process, providing personal statements and college essays. Our educational consultancy can help you choose the right university based on your interests. Also, we can help with Common Application, UCAS and multiple other platforms.


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Our service quality is unmatched. Each personal statement and college application we provide is unique, and developed for the client only. We recommend universities for domestic admissions and foreign admissions based on the interest of the student. Our guidance can help you reach your desired educational institution.


Personal Statement and College Essay

Get your personal statements written by us. We craft your SOP based on your chosen institution, field of interest and your real life-story. Instead of presenting a fake version of you, we focus on your real qualities and interests. Furthermore, each personal statement is uniquely written for the client’s college application. We also help to revise your application for domestic admissions and foreign admissions.

Common Application

Common App or Common application for U.S. universities can be troublesome to complete for students. AYLOTI understands your position and is there to help you out. Our educational consultancy provides complete guidance through the common application process. We also suggest ways to develop your portfolio for certain universities. Consequently, our services are highly acclaimed for U.S. foreign admissions.

UCAS Application

Eager to study in U.K.? The UCAS application posting problems? Need expert guidance? AYLOTI Educational Consultancy is available to help you with the process. Our team has been dealing with UCAS applications for the past 8 years. We can help you with the entire application process. We are dexterous in handling Bar, L.L.B, Foundation, Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and PHD foreign admissions to help students study in U.K.


Most consultancies avoid helping students to secure a scholarship in their foreign admissions to generate greater revenue. We respect our student’s financial interests. Consequently, AYLOTI helps its students gain the maximum amount of scholarship available in both domestic admissions and foreign admissions.

Domestic Admissions

Studying in Pakistan has never been easier! AYLOTI’s educational consultancy deals with domestic admissions in Pakistani universities. We can guide you through the application process of L.U.M.S., N.U.S.T, G.I.K.I, I.C.A.P, F.A.S.T., P.I.E.A.S and many more.


Best recommendation

Dedicated selection

Educational Consultancy is meaningless if it is not crafted for the client’s specific needs. AYLOTI provides everything, from personal statement to university applications, unique for each client.


Education matters

Your first – profit later

AYLOTI’s educational consultancy services focus on your success. We avoid recommending universities for the sake of profit. Instead, our team recommends you the best options for you.


Availability matters

24/7/365 help And Care

Students can require our help at any time. Consequently, our support staff for both domestic admissions and foreign admissions is available every time to guide our students.


informed decision

in-depth information

We follow a unique model for educational consultancy services. AYLOTI provides step-by-step, detailed information to the client about everything, to help you take an informed decision.

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