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What’s Our Story

Our Discipline

AYLOTI works hard everyday, as an organization, to ensure that each of its employees can learn and grow, both personally and professionally, through the interaction with the organization.

Our Focus

We strive to create projects that align technology closer to the dynamic needs of the society.

Our Success

AYLOTI has rapidly grown to become Pakistan’s largest tech-innovation firm, with multiple successful projects under its banner over the fast few years.


Hunain Zia

Hunain Zia

Founder and CEO

Hailing from one of Pakistan’s strongest and most influential families, Hunain Zia came to the limelight with his successful educational accomplishments in 2017. However, his struggle and strive in the tech-innovation spectrum spans across the past decade. The ideas of AYLOTi began springing when Hunain was still a teenager at high-school. In 2012, the first website,, was launched by Hunain Zia as a complete online database.

The Experimental Phase

AYLOTI completed multiple prototypes, preliminary projects, and tested them to develop an understanding of the requirements of the digital world. Some projects proved successful in this phase, such as



The Rise To Fame

2017 saw the accomplishment of 11 distinct World Records, 154 A Grades and 7 Distinctions by Hunain Zia, which brought him to global limelight. This phase saw the development of the initial period of Talent Hunt Pakistan and Educate A Change. AYLOTI’s inception was on its way.

The Advent of AYLOTI

AYLOTI was finally registered in 2018 as a tech-innovation firm, having multiple noteworthy projects such as Talent Hunt Pakistan and Educate A Change under its banner. The firm’s core idea, at its inception, focused on the digital world, providing services to the client-side market and developing custom projects to bring technology closer to human life.



The Crucial Development

Due to the corruption prevalent in Pakistani bureaucracy, AYLOTI was forced to shut down its physical operations on the firm rejection of the CEO, Hunain Zia, to retort to forced bribery. However, during the same year, AYLOTI’s online platform survived and mustered considerable business from overseas customers. AYLOTI took the initiative to bring the entire earnings directly to Pakistan through legal remittances. Such an approach follows our core philosophy of making Pakistan prosperous and well-developed in the future.

The Rising Years

2020 has proved a charming year for AYLOTI. The firm has achieved unprecedented success in business ventures, client-side work, and project development. Some of AYLOTI’s projects, such as Educate A Change, AYLOTI Legal and AYLOTI Study have become an international success. Furthermore, AYLOTI has expanded its project base outside the spectrum of technology only. Instead, AYLOTI is now also providing consultancy services and education help services, amongst others.


We provide high quality and cost effective services

Since our foundation in 2012, our focus has been to use technological innovation to provide unparalleled services.

AYLOTI has been an industry leader since its inception. Our focus is to ensure that the customer gets the best possible solution for their needs. More importantly, we believe in making customized solutions to provide customers with the best experience. Our projects are unmatched and have received international acclaim.

Here are some of the services we are skilled at

  • Software Development 75% 75%
  • Website Development 65% 65%
  • Content Writing 85% 85%
  • All-In-One Business Development 90% 90%
  • Social Media Management 65% 65%
  • Educational Help 50% 50%
  • Consultancy Services 50% 50%
  • Composition/ Designing/ Resume 50% 50%

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